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What Buyers should know...

HiFMP Advisors, LLC is a listing platform for different types of securities.

1. Start ups and additional capital needs through private placements.

  • What are Private Placements?

Private Placement means the sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors as a way of     raising capital. Investors involved in private placements are usually large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds. Private placement is the opposite of a public issue, where securities are made available for sale on the open market.

Since a private placement is offered to a few, select individuals, the placement does not have to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In many cases, detailed financial information is not disclosed and a the need for a prospectus is waived. Finally, since the placements are private rather than public, the average investor is only made aware of the placement after it has occurred. TASBEX will allow the masses to see what is being offered and offer an opportunity to request more information and possibly invest at an early stage of funding. See more information on Private Placements

2. Liquidation of privately held shares through the grey market.

  • What is the Gray Market?

There are no market makers in this security. It is not listed, traded or quoted on any U.S. stock exchange or the OTC Markets. Trades in gray market stocks are reported by broker-dealers to their Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) and the SRO distributes the trade data to market data vendorsand financial websites so investors can track price and volume. Since gray market securities are not traded or quoted on an exchange or inter-dealer quotation system, investors' bids and offers are not collected in a central spot so market transparency is diminished execution of orders ...UNTIL NOW! 

HiFMP Advisors, LLC will list any securities that are self-described as a "Gray Market" securities. If the company is incorporated, has shareholders and is current with all the listing requirements of HiFMP Advisors, LLC, individuals will have a place to view information on the issuer to make a clear decision on the investment.

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