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Whether you are a startup or established business, HiFMP Advisors, LLC can provide you with the tools you need to raise capital and manage your investors effectively. HiFMP Advisors, LLC creates value for businesses through access to investors and community partners, giving more businesses the opportunity to be successful.

Connect with local investors

Gain access to a larger investment community for your business

  • Broadened investor base that includes accredited and non-accredited investors
  • Benefit from local investors incentivized to act as consumers and advocates
  • Raising capital from local investors grows your brand in the community

Streamline your capital raise

Save time and money raising equity, debt, or revenue-share capital efficiently online

  • Make a more personal connection with investors through video pitches and Q&A
  • Standardized business plans help guide you through what investors want to see
  • Eliminate paperwork through document uploads and online ACH transfers
  • Receive advisory and education from HiFMP Advisors, LLC to prepare your capital raise

Stay compliant

HiFMP Advisors, LLC helps you navigate burdensome regulation with ease

  • Standardized legal documents lower costs
  • Receive notifications on necessary filings
  • Accept investors based on regulatory impact and suitability
  • Access HiFMP Advisors, LLC network of community partners to ensure compliant offerings


Manage investors after raising capital

HiFMP Advisors, LLC investor relations tools help you keep investors informed and engaged

  • Send strategic and financial updates without time consuming emails
  • Transfer money to and from investors securely and easily via ACH
  • Leverage investor expertise through interactive forums
  • Meet corporate responsibilities by hosting meetings and shareholder votes online
  • Stay organized with investment document and cap table management tools
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